Teach Science online to your dual language students

Now you can use FOR FREE all our bilingual science curriculum content and teaching tools to work with your students remotely.

All you can do, FOR FREE until October 25th:

  • Apply a science learning methodology based on Flipped Learning.
  • Access more than 700 educational resources aligned to the Elementary and Middle school curriculum that are 100% bilingual (Spanish/English).
  • Organize your online course plan by creating collections of resources.
  • Create groups and invite up to 30 students to join them from home.
  • Assign them content and tasks.
  • Monitor their performance through usage statistics.

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What’s Elesapiens Science & Fun?

Science & Fun provides you with bilingual content aligned to the NGSS curriculum and an online learning methodology for Elementary and Middle school based on Flipped Learning.

Engaging and fun videos, interactive games, readers, experiments and quizzes.

Find out some ideas on how to use it along with other tools to teach Science remotely in this free webinar.

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