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to learn science through play

Bilingual content

All the resources are available in Spanish and English.

Curriculum alignment

Stimulating lessons aligned with the primary education science curriculum.

Tools for teachers

Assign lessons and monitor your students’ performance.

Learning by doing

A combination of digital resources and "learning-by-doing" activities.

The bilingual science curriculum for primary education

Science & Fun provides you with the educational resources required to cover your bilingual science curriculum. In class and at home.

No obligation. No payment details: just register, access and start to enjoy all our content free of charge.

Tools for teachers

Discover what our management tool can do for you.

Manage groups of students and monitor their performance

With the “My Groups” tool, you can create and edit groups of students and monitor their subject-related performance using statistical information.

Create your study plan and assign resources to students

With the “My Collections” tool, you can create and organize your resources and assign them to your student groups.

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